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What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please contact the office as soon as possible on 03 5941 6644 so we can either let our Sales Representatives know you will not be home or ma

How do we make payment?

Payments came be made via Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or by EFT.

Do you have a warranty?

All Security Doors come with a 12 month warranty on all moving parts, labour, powder coating on Steel Doors Only and on Safeview Mesh Only. You will receive a 10 year warranty on the Aluminium Frame powder coat.

How do I clean my Safeview Security Door?

We recommend you use WD40 on a clean rag.

What are your service charges?

The Service Call Charge is $90.00 which is to be paid up front. We only charge a Service Call if the door is no longer under warranty or if the problem is not covered under warranty eg: timber movement or not using door correctly.
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