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Get Security Grilles In Melbourne

All Steel Inserts are double welded, Zinc Plated and Powder Coated to give ultimate Anti-Corrosion Protection against the Elements of nature. A Steel Insert in the Eliminator Frame is designed as a Cost Effective Alternative to a Full Steel Door, while providing enhanced protection compared with the Aluminum Insert Range.
All Classic Decorative Security Doors comes standard with:

  • 3 Security Fixed Pin Hinges
  • Double sided 3 Way Dead Locks including Snib
  • DVA Limited Vision Mesh or Mighty Mesh (Stainless Steel)
  • Eliminator Crimp Locked Aluminum Frame

You are ought to get more than what you expect, with our range of decorative security doors in Melbourne, these doors are beautifully designed by experienced craftsmen adding glamour to the space and the superior grade steel helps it provide optimum security and safety. Lock-U-Tite is one among the leading companies in Melbourne that provides a vast range of decorative security doors Melbourne area. Give your house an edge above the rest by opting for these doors in order to stay safe.

Add a dollop of safety along with beauty in all its senses to your home / office with these decorative security doors and see the difference. These doors will not just make your place look good but will also make you and the people around you feel relaxed in this world of uncertainty! With thefts, burglary and horrid events happening in people’s neighborhood, it is best to stay safe and at a distance within the house; and these security doors help you do just that.