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All Safeview Security Doors come standard with:
• Eliminator Crimp Locked Frame.
• 3 Security Fixed Pin Hinges.
• Double sided 3 Way Dead Locks including Snib.
• Hinged Door Closer.

Aluminium Security Doors & Aluminium Entrance Doors in Pakenham, Melbourne

Lock-U-Tite is highly acknowledged by its clients for offering superior quality Aluminium security doors & entrance doors in Melbourne area. Our products are in high demand for the sleek and sophisticated look it imparts and for being strong, durable & beautiful.


All of our Aluminium doors have the following features:

  • Eliminator Crimp Locked Aluminum Frame
  • 2 Security Fixed Pin Hinges
  • Double sided Dead Locks including Snib
  • Nylon Fly Wire Mesh


  • DVA Limited Vision Mesh
  • Mighty Mesh (Stainless Steel)
  • 3 Way Dead Lock


A vast range of Aluminum doors are available at Lock-U-Tite & found at highly affordable prices in Melbourne including Pakenham. All our products are known for their finish, lustre and metallic strength. These are made with utmost care and precision by our highly skilled and experienced artisans, we believe in providing you with such products that help us achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Now, opting from our huge array of Aluminium doors in Melbourne helps you keep your personal belongings secure and safe!!


Entrance is the most crucial and important part of your house. So make it the most eye-catching and at the same time safety-enhanced door with aluminium entrance doors in Melbourne. Thus our aim is to serve customers with products that are not only strong and durable but also gives an uplifting and sophisticated touch to it. So make the best use of your doors in providing security at reasonable price with our supreme quality aluminium doors in Melbourne.


We provide a huge variety of Aluminium doors and have many patterns of designs. Our products are enduring and quite strong and are available at the most cost-effective price so that common people can purchase it. Our experienced staffs are apt in delivering you with the finest quality entrance doors that would increase the grandeur of your home. They take good care of these products and prepare it with great sincerity. Now since entrance is the place that comes into everybody’s eye first. So make it look attractive and the topic of discussion with our supreme quality aluminum entrance doors in Melbourne.


Now this security doors are weather resistant under coarse and disturbed environmental conditions, hence they do not crack, or swell or split so easily, over time. So these Aluminum doors can prove to be the best safety doors for your property. One more important aspect of installing Aluminium security doors in Melbourne is that provides varied design and flexibility, thereby shaping the product as per the requirement of the customer. Also these are available in various patterns, and with a wide variety of smooth finishing, that can match up with your home security. Therefore if you install Aluminium security doors in Melbourne, then the most important factor is that it will not only provide you with great strength and desired slim sight lines but it will also serve more resistance to the elements. Hence it will never rot so easily. Aluminium is a material with sound quality strength and weight. So it can take up varied shapes and sizes according to your need and fulfill your desire. Thus if you are thinking to use right kind of doors for your home security, then the best option is to go for aluminium doors in Melbourne, and enhance the look of your home or property, by customizing it according to your security.


In every case our staff tries to understand your needs and requirements, then offer you with the right doors. Every products is crafted with precision, by the artisans to offer safety, security and beauty all at once. If you are looking for Aluminium entrance doors in Melbourne, Pakenham then we at Lock-U-tite will provide you with the right doors, your abode will fall in love with. For more information on Aluminium Doors Melbourne & installing these at your home, call us at 03 5941 6644

We at Lock –U–Tite, Home security offer our clients with a huge range of steel doors in Melbourne, which are high on security and provides your space with maximum safety. These safety doors are made using strong metals so that your property is secured from all types of break-ins and burglary. Our array of safety and steel doors don’t just work to keep you safe and secure but also looks great and adds a sophisticated look to your abode. These steel doors are very strong and long lasting, a property that enables them to last long and stay corrosion resistant. We also provide you with customised doors, designed as per your taste and likes.


For the very best in Security, a Full Steel Frame with Steel Insert is unsurpassed in providing the Ultimate protection against Intruders and Strangers.

All Steel Doors in Melbourne come standard with:

  • 2 Security Fixed Pin Hinges
  • Double sided Dead Locks including Snib
  • DVA Limited Vision Mesh or Tuff Mesh

Steel Door Options:

  • Kick plates are available in selected doors
  • 316 Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Galvanised Mesh

Decorative Security Doors in Melbourne, Pakenham

All Steel Inserts are double welded, Zinc Plated and Powder Coated to give ultimate Anti-Corrosion Protection against the Elements of nature. A Steel Insert in the Eliminator Frame is designed as a Cost Effective Alternative to a Full Steel Door, while providing enhanced protection compared with the Aluminum Insert Range.
All Classic Decorative Security Doors comes standard with:

  • 3 Security Fixed Pin Hinges
  • Double sided 3 Way Dead Locks including Snib
  • DVA Limited Vision Mesh or Mighty Mesh (Stainless Steel)
  • Eliminator Crimp Locked Aluminum Frame

You are ought to get more than what you expect, with our range of decorative security doors in Melbourne, these doors are beautifully designed by experienced craftsmen adding glamour to the space and the superior grade steel helps it provide optimum security and safety. Lock-U-Tite is one among the leading companies in Melbourne that provides a vast range of decorative security doors Melbourne area. Give your house an edge above the rest by opting for these doors in order to stay safe.

Add a dollop of safety along with beauty in all its senses to your home / office with these decorative security doors and see the difference. These doors will not just make your place look good but will also make you and the people around you feel relaxed in this world of uncertainty! With thefts, burglary and horrid events happening in people’s neighborhood, it is best to stay safe and at a distance within the house; and these security doors help you do just that.

Security Doors Supplier in Melbourne and Victoria

Lock-U-Tite provides a whole range of security doors in Melbourne, Victoria.


We at Lock-U-Tite, provide our clients with a vast range of security doors in Melbourne, these doors are made using the best grade raw materials available in the industry. When it comes to security doors; one has to make sure that; it is purchased from reliable sources.


So; we at Lock-U-Tite; provide you with security doors that are procured from trusted vendors; so that we don’t compromise on its quality. Your security is our aim; and we turn every stone in order to provide you with security doors in Melbourne that are strong, durable and reliable.